El Tatio Geysers Tour

I booked this Tour upon arrival in San Pedro de Atacama. The 4am pickup was painful but I did manage to snooze most of the 2hour drive out to El Tatio. Arrival at the geyser field coincided with the rising sun, which was sensational and gave the geysers a spectacular appearance. El Tatio is a […]

San Pedro de Atacama

My longest bus ride yet – 28 hours from Valparaiso to San Pedro de Atacama. An incredible desert village which feels like it hasn’t progressed for hundreds of years. With a population of just 4800, it is riddled with dirt roads and clay houses (I have not travelled to Mexico yet but I imagine this […]

Valparaiso, Chile

I’ve spent two nights in Valparaiso which is a really interesting city. It’s made up of cobbled streets, tiny passage ways, a maze of steep alleys and escaleras (stairways) and crammed full of eclectic mansions which all seem to require some maintenance.  Every house is painted a different colour, as if trying to be brighter than their neighbour. […]

Santiago, Chile

Santiago, Chile, is a destination I have always wanted to visit. Even as a child I loved finding the country on a map, obsessed with the shape of the country and questioning why Chile was shaped like a chilli pepper yet spelled differently. Upon arrival I was a little disheartened as for the first time […]

Vina Del Mar

I spent the day walking the manicured boulevards lined with palm trees. It’s been fantastic to visit a beach even through the weather hasn’t been great.  I can see how popular this must be in the summer. There are many stray dogs in South America but most are harmless and one that I met on the […]