Schwarzwald in the Winter

Home of the cuckoo clock, the Schwarzwald (Black Forest) gets its name from its dark, slightly sinister canopy of evergreens: this is where Hansel and Gretel encountered the wicked witch. The vast expanse of hills, valleys, rivers and forests stretch from the swish spa town of Baden-Baden to the Swiss border, and from the Rhine […]


Surrounded by forest 93km south of Frankfurt, Germany’s oldest and most famous university town is renowned for its baroque Altstadt, spirited student atmosphere, beautiful riverside setting and evocative half-ruined hilltop castle, which draws 11.8 million visitors a year. We flew into Frankfurt and took a train to Heidelberg to check into our amazing accommodation (birthday […]


Baden-Baden’s air of old-world luxury and curative waters have attracted royals, the rich and celebrities over the years – Barack Obama and Bismarck, Queen Victoria and Victoria Beckham included. This Black Forest town boasts grand colonnaded buildings and whimsically turreted art-nouveau villas spread across the hillsides and framed by forested mountains.


  Berlin’s combo of glamour and grit is bound to mesmerise anyone keen to explore its vibrant culture, cutting-edge architecture, fabulous food, intense parties and tangible history.   A symbol of division during the Cold War, the landmark Brandenburg Gate now epitomises German reunification. Carl Gotthard Langhans found inspiration in Athens’ Acropolis for the elegant […]

Dachau Camp, Germany

Dachau Concentration Camp was the first camp opened in Germany by the Nazi’s, in 1933.  I found visiting Dachau quite difficult and feel sickened thinking about how we as human beings treated each other ( I would say in the past, however, sadly some of this still goes on in parts of the world).   It’s an […]


I’ve ended up in Munich a lot longer than planned but that’s no problem as its an awesome city which I have been enjoying much more than I anticipated.  Germany is a place I have always wanted to visit since studying German for 4 years at school (don’t remember anything) but, oddly, I didn’t have […]