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Where to eat, what to eat - one of the best parts of traveling is sampling the local cuisine

Butter Chicken Recipe (NZ Style)

Okay, obviously I know that Butter chicken isn’t from New Zealand.  But, it is something that I would always eat growing up in NZ and I feel like the Butter Chicken here in London or UK is very different so have been searching for a recipe that mimics how I remember Butter Chicken. For those […]

Carnivore Restaurant, Nairobi

Carnivore serves up Kenya’s most famous nyama choma (barbecued meat) – it’s been an icon for tourists, expats and wealthier locals for over 25 years. At the entrance is a huge barbecue pit laden with real swords of beef, pork, lamb, chicken and farmed game meats such as crocodile and ostrich. It’s a memorable night […]

Bronte Restaurant & Cocktail Bar

Swanky, Tom Dixon–designed restaurant, bar & patio, for international fare from breakfast till late.

Dark Sugars Cocoa House

Ross and I stumbled upon this place trying to navigate our way to lunch at Old Spitifileds market.  We looked at each other and both understood that we would return here for one of their famous hot chocolates after lunch.   Before there was chocolate, there was cocoa. Dark Sugars is the story of one […]

Thousand Knifes

Dumpling Shack

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