Havana ooh na na

My heart is in Havana It was so great to be back in Havana, we only had 1 night and 1/2 a day here upon arriving and now that we have slipped into the relaxed, easy-going Cuban ways, I can’t wait to explore Havana properly. It’s vibrant, bustling, exotic and raw.  And yes, they do actually […]

Santa Clara

Fifty years ago, Che Guevara won the final battle of the Cuban revolution in Santa Clara. Today, the town is a shrine to the world’s most iconic rebel. The university town of Santa Clara is most famous as the site of an historic battle, the last of the Cuban revolution, and the one that clinched […]

Trinidad: Colour, Music, Cobblestones & Slavery

Trinidad is Cuba’s best-preserved colonial town, with the old part of Trinidad being a UNESCO heritage site since 1988. Trinidad, like most colonial towns, is gorgeous with brightly colored buildings and cobblestone streets. It is one of a kind, a perfectly preserved Spanish colonial settlement where the clocks stopped in 1850 and – apart from a […]


Arranged around the country’s most spectacular natural bay, Cienfuegos is a nautical city founded in 1819 by French émigrés, whose homogeneous grid of elegant classical architecture earned it a Unesco World Heritage Site listing in 2005. Geographically, the city is split into two distinct parts: the colonnaded central zone with its stately Paseo del Prado […]

Bay of Pigs

No, The Bay of Pigs in Cuba is not where you will find the Swimming Pigs of the Caribbean, you can read about that trip we did a few years ago here: The Exumas, Bahamas. The Bay of Pigs is famed for the failed CIA invasion in 1961. On January 1, 1959, Fidel Castro (1926-) drove […]

Viñales: Home of Cuban Cigars

Viñales is the perfect combination of natural beauty and traditional Cuban culture. It is best known for its tobacco farms, languid lifestyle and the distinctive limestone hills of Valle de Viñales.  A place in Western Cuba that, despite being popular with tourists, remains stubbornly raw and authentic. If you’re into cigars, nature, and culture… Viñales is […]

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