The Maasai Mara

A Maasai warrior is a fine sight. Those young men have, to the utmost extent, that particular form of intelligence which we call chic; daring and wildly fantastical as they seem, they are still unswervingly true to their own nature, and to an immanent ideal. Their style is not an assumed manner, nor an imitation […]

The REAL Nairobi: Nai Nami Storytelling Tour

Refugees, Business Women & Inspiring Children

The last of the schools we visited yesterday, at Aberdare Ranges, caters largely for the kids from New Canaan Village, which is a community built by refugees over the last 10 years. The camp was formed to house around 6,000 Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) who were driven from their homes by violence resulting from the […]

Primary Schools in Nakuru

Today we drove to Nakuru, Mum, Bec’s and I had been here just over a week ago to do a 1-day Safari at the Lake Nakuru National Park, but this has been a very different visit. We are visiting local schools, New Canaan village for displaced people and the amazing projects that So They Can […]


When Fred visited us at the Impala Eco Lodge a few days ago he explained that Odede was the kind of place that nobody wanted to come from or live in, with a massive fatality rate from HIV. As a place where the majority live in poverty, sadly, many women in desperate need of feeding […]

Building a Mud House for a Family in Need

Day 3 of The B1G1 Study Tour – Building a Mud House with The Mango Tree After a hearty breakfast to set us up for a bit of hard labour, we drove to a remote spot in the countryside near Mawego to build a mud hut for a family of 12. This family were living […]

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