Madrid has been OK!  I will need to return here one day as I’m not giving it my usual open-minded approach to travel – this is mainly down to the heat.  It is 43C which is unbearable and I have been travelling non-stop for 4 months so am in need of some down time. Madrid, […]

Detoxing in Valencia

I’ve spent two nights in Valencia.  It was some much needed downtime after a crazy few days in Barcelona. I allowed the group I’ve been travelling with to move on to Madrid and given myself two full days of relaxation. Visiting the beach here has been a highlight – there is sand!!! (Many of the […]


Barcelona is my first stop in Spain and a place I have dreamed of visiting for many years (probably since I watched the 1990 Olympic Games on TV). The thought of sun, tapas, latin music and sangria have always appealed and I was very excited about arriving here. The heat was something I hadn’t anticipated!  We’ve been spent […]

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