Dear Jervois | Great Ponsonby Brunch

Dear Jervois | Great Ponsonby Brunch

While back in NZ visiting family I was desperate to show my chef boyfriend how amazing Auckland is for brunch.  After years of complaining how London’s cafe culture doesn’t compare to my hometown of Auckland – it was important I showed off the good stuff.  One problem, I haven’t lived in NZ for 11 years… it’s worth acknowledging that when I left to travel around the world at 22 my definition of good food was very different from today (and so is my budget).  So I asked one of Auckland’s top chefs to give me the lowdown on the best eats in Auckland.  Dear Jervois made the cut.  The Herne Bay fave has cemented itself in the brunch scene for its prettier-than-your-average dishes.

Not only pretty, they’re also next-level delicious. I’m talking pancake stacks drizzled with Nutella chocolate sauce, comforting prawn dumpling soup and their Auckland-famous matcha waffles.

Dear Jervois is everything I love – great coffee, good food and lots of plants – all combined with a rustic interior style and a relaxed and cool crowd of people.



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