Sjavargrillid Restaurant, Reykjavik

Restaurant Review in Reykjavik

Sjavargrillid Restaurant, Reykjavik

Sjavargrillid Seafood Grill is one of the best restaurants I have eaten at while travelling abroad. An excellent place to sample local Icelandic cuisine in a fine dining setting.  This is reflected in the price however in my opinion it was worth it.

We went all out and order the 7 course taster menu.  We took our first bite and met each other’s eyes wide open gaze in astonishment at what we were tasting. Superb, fresh, innnovative dishes. One after another with a good mix of vegetable, meat and seafood courses. Superb, cannot recommend enough!



It was in 2010 that a young lad from húsavík, a little fishing town up north, was awarded the title “chef of the year 2010”. The young chef, Gústav Axel Gunnlaugsson spent months traveling around Iceland looking for the real taste of Iceland and along the way they found a few things that now are key items of the interior of their new restaurant.​
An old freezing plant from Flatey in Skjálfandi, in the far north of Iceland now serves as a backdrop for the bar at restaurant sjávargrillið and all around the restaurant you will find driftwood that the two friends, Gústav have found on their travels and dragged to the restaurant on Skólavörðustígur 14. On the road the Gústav came up with a menu like no other, Gústav’s interpretation of the collective grill taste of his homeland, iceland.

SOURCE: http://www.sjavargrillid.com



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