Horse Riding in Bariloche

Horse Riding in Bariloche

Strung out along the shoreline of Lago Nahuel Huapi, in the middle of the national park, Bariloche has one of the most beautiful settings imaginable. It reminds me a lot of Queenstown, NZ, perhaps because of the gorgeous lake, the wintery pristine scenery and the quaint shops (I’ve eaten way too much chocolate). I’ve spent the past 5 days in this beautiful place and am so glad I made an effort to travel down to Patagonia to enjoy this location.

The name Bariloche comes from the Mapudungun word Vuriloche meaning “people from behind the mountain” (vuri = behind, che = people). The Poya people used the Vuriloche pass to cross the Andes, keeping it secret from the Spanish priests for a long time. — Wikipedia

The highlight has been the one-day horse ride up to a Patagonian ranch. The landscape and valleys are inspiring and seem completely untouched. I took a little while to get comfortable on the horse, but by the time we stopped at the ranch for my new love, asado, I felt pretty confident. The bottle of red wine I demolished with all that steak may have contributed to my increased confidence, but it was an incredible journey.

The panoramic views of Bariloche and the Andean Mountain Range were amazing, and it was terrific to spot rabbits, red foxes, alpacas and condors in such an untouched and beautiful landscapes.






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