Witches Markets of La Paz

Witches Markets of La Paz

Being sick in this incredible city has been disappointing as San Pedro Prison and  ‘Death Road’ were on my bucket-list of things to do and I’m far to weak to consider doing it.

I have managed to get to the amazing Witches Market here in La Paz which I must recommend to anyone visiting the city.

You’ll come face to face with llama fetuses which can be a bit unnerving the first time. The market stalls are full of amulets, bottles with good luck items suspended in “special” oils,  the aforementioned dead llamas and all kinds of fascinating trinkets as part of their belief in magic.

Dried llama foetuses are always buried in the foundations of new constructions or businesses as a cha’lla (offering) to the goddess Pachamama.  The llama sacrifice encourages the goddess to protect the workers from accidents and bring good luck to the business.

There are a lot of alpaca souvenirs to look at, some carvings, and jewellery. The vendors are not overly aggressive so it has been easy to stroll casually through the market.



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