St Johann in Tirol, Austria

St Johann in Tirol, Austria.

St Johann in Tirol, Austria

I started my Busabout Tour in Munich and the first stop is in Austria. I stayed at the Bunny’s Pub in St Johann in Tirol which is a beautiful little town. I’m aware that I do say that about every place that I visit but here I am right in the middle of the Alps, its so green and the mountains are spectacular. This is the ‘adventure capital’ of Austria – within an hour of arriving at Bunny’s Pub I was up a mountain (1700ft) gearing up to paraglide.  I expected to be nervous but, Wolfgang, my tandem guide was super relaxed and cracked jokes the whole ride up the mountain, many of which should have probably freaked me out but it actually made me feel like jumping of a mountain wasn’t really a big deal.  We only had to run 4-5 metres before the wind picked us up of the ground.  The wind was really good that day so it lifted us up above the mountain and we glided around for about 30min.  It was really fun and the scenery was amazing.

Wolfgang did some acrobatics, swinging us around, sideway flips etc. Absolutely incredible experience in a location that is so beautiful I can’t put it into words.

I’ve spent the afternoons a the local pools relaxing, reading and swimming which has been great in this 31C heat.




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