Amboseli National Park

Amboseli National Park is in southern Kenya. It’s known for its large elephant herds and views of immense Mount Kilimanjaro, across the border in Tanzania. When we booked out trip to Kenya to take part in the B1G1 Kenya Study Tour we allowed an additional week to explore and put a Safari at Amboseli National […]

Angkor Wat & the temples of Angkor

Located in the Siem Reap province of Cambodia, this UNESCO World Heritage site was once the centre of the Khmer empire that ruled Southeast Asia before the civilisation went extinct. The city was then reclaimed by the jungle and found by western explorers in the 1800’s, and after extensive restoration in the 20th century Angkor […]

Tanjung Puting National Park

Free-roaming orangutans, combined with a storybook journey up a winding jungle river, made this adventure world-class. Since collaborating with B1G1 last November and aligning my businesses CSR Policy with the UN Global Sustainability Goals I was given the opportunity to go on this short study tour to visit one of the projects that we give […]

Havana ooh na na

My heart is in Havana It was so great to be back in Havana, we only had 1 night and 1/2 a day here upon arriving and now that we have slipped into the relaxed, easy-going Cuban ways, I can’t wait to explore Havana properly. It’s vibrant, bustling, exotic and raw.  And yes, they do actually […]

Viñales: Home of Cuban Cigars

Viñales is the perfect combination of natural beauty and traditional Cuban culture. It is best known for its tobacco farms, languid lifestyle and the distinctive limestone hills of Valle de Viñales.  A place in Western Cuba that, despite being popular with tourists, remains stubbornly raw and authentic. If you’re into cigars, nature, and culture… Viñales is […]

8 Day Tour of Cuba

I decided to book us on to a tour of Cuba to try and get the most out of the short time we had in Cuba.  After a few relaxing days in Varadero, we took a private taxi back to Havana and checked into our first Casa before starting an 8-Day tour. I’ve blogged about […]

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